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The Catholic Women's League of Canada Is a national organization Rooted in gospel values Calling its members to holiness Through service to the People of God

History of the League Talk St. Albert, Alberta October 13, 2012 By Connie McBride

About the St. Albert CWL

The Catholic Women's League of Canada (CWL) is the largest national organization of Catholic Women. Today, we see CWL members involved in every aspect of community and parish Life. Locally, we support Newman College, Lurana Shelter, St. Albert Food Bank, S.A.I.F House, LoSeCa, Youville Home, Birthright, Habitat for Humanity and so many more too numerous to list. Most of you know that we support all life issues, but we also support women's programs in developing countries through MaterCare International, Coady International Institute and Development and Peace. 

Although the Catholic Women's League was incorporated nationally in 1920 in Montreal, it actually began in the Edmonton Diocese in 1912. The pioneers of this organization worked closely with immigrants to help them adjust to a foreign land. Some councils continue to do this important work. Our own council was organized in St. Albert in 1931. Since the inception of this national organization, members have been actively working "For God and Canada".

You know our members hold bake sales to raise funds to support our various parish and community commitments, but did you know that members of our national executive meet annually with federal government ministers on issues raised by our resolutions which include child pornography, land mines, clean water, genetic engineering of food, bioethics and reproductive technology?

A membership in The Catholic Women's League adds your voice to the support of local and national work for the unborn as well as other social issues. Included with your membership is a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of our councils news and a subscription to The Canadian League that will keep you informed of League business and projects, and in contact with members across Canada. A membership application is at the bottom of our CWL page.

Our Council holds meetings the third Tuesday of the month at 7pm in the Grandin Room. Meetings usually last about an hour and a half and then we have coffee and socialize for about a half-hour. Although we value your presence at our meetings, we realize that this is a busy world, and you may not always be able to attend. Nevertheless, your interest and support are as valued as your presence.

  • CWL Executive Spiritual Advisor:  Laurel Lutes
  • President:  Leslie Vandersteen 
  • Vice President/Membership & Organization:  Nancy Hempstock 
  • Past President:  Catherine de Champlain
  • Secretary:  Harshini Murphy
  • Treasurer:  Nadia Willigar
  • Faith Chairperson:  Claire Rumjan 
  • Service Chairperson:  Anne Buccini
  • Social Justice Chairperson:  Colleen Mahon  
  • Education & Health:  Rose Hornsberger
  • Communications Director:  Janet Bailey
  • Parish Liaison:  Yvette Gareau

Phone numbers to contact for further information:

President: Leslie Vandersteen  825-200-7711

www.cwl.ab.ca | www.cwl.ca

Download a Membership form (PDF)