GREAT NEWS……..the much awaited automatic bank withdrawal program is now available in our parish. Parishioners will have the option of donating by any, or a combination of, the following platforms:

            a          automatic bank withdrawal/pre-authorized debit

            b          online credit card via our web site

            c          continue to use the collection basket system for envelopes and loose change


- Option (a) is most economical to the parish and we encourage your subscription to this service. in the case of option (b) credit card users, the church is assessed a fee of 3.4% by the service provider CanadaHelps (reduced from 3.9%).

- In January of this year an appeal was made to parishioners, to increase their offerings on the operations side, by 3% over and above last year’s offerings, with the objective of raising $25,000 for the whole year. We are truly grateful to those who have already responded to this appeal. For those who have not been able to do so, we trust and pray that you are in a position to meet our request (within your means) and that the amount will be included in your application for this new online service.

-The following information will serve as a reminder and consideration in deliberating an amount and frequency of your offering:

- Average number of weekly envelope users: Yr 2018 – 375 vs 391 in Yr 2017

- Average weekly offerings per envelope: Yr 2018 - $31.62 vs $29.66 in Yr 2017

- The graph (reverse side of this letter) shows total monthly offerings to the Operations account in 2018.            

            - Of note, while December has always been the best month for total offerings, followed                by the Easter period, the difference between the two seasons is widening. In 2018 the                  difference in total offerings between the Christmas and Easter periods was $44,000, in           2017 the difference was $27,000 and in 2016 the difference was $24,000.

- In effect, to meet ongoing expenses throughout the year, there is a need to re-distribute offerings from the Christmas period to the Easter period or within the first six months of the year. This applies especially to those who make lump sum offerings towards the year end rather than donating on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis.        

We are grateful to all for your financial support on whatever basis and we trust our suggestions are taken in a spirit of good intentions.

Going forward, we will launch with the Operations and Capital Projects donations and once running smoothly, we will include Together We Serve.

Fr. Ignacy Warias, OMI